Ikänik Farms is bringing the spirit of California cannabis culture to the world.

Updated: May 11, 2020

känik Farms is bringing the spirit of California cannabis culture to the world. Brian Baca, CEO of Ikänik, believes that a business ethos rooted firmly in family, community, andinclusionis what sets the brand apart from the competition.

Brian Baca – CEO, Ikänik Farms

Ikänik Farms is really about redefining the heart of the human connection. We’re breaking down walls and paradigms through the second repeal of prohibition. We’re really about inclusion,” says Baca. 

“People are trying to market and make their things all very exclusive and very polarized. We’re trying to show what cannabis is all about from a cannabis operator and historical culture standpoint, which is inclusion, family extension, and really putting your arms around the people that don’t know cannabis yet. We’re making it less scary by bringing it to them, not from the standpoint of corporate america trying to find an avenue in which to deliver their product, but by truly delivering California cannabis culture to the people so they understand what it’s truly about.”

The underlying core values are a callback to a simpler, more traditional way of looking at business and customer relationships.

“Cannabis is about culture, community and family. It’s about respect, building life and growing; it’s about the strongest Neighborhood Watch you’ve ever seen when you’re working in the community, believe it or not,” remarks Baca. “We’re coming from a historically non-regulated, non-recourse environment of which your word is your bond, and your handshake is your word.

“A lot of what you’re seeing in the market today is some of the big giants just dragging out their payments on some of the smaller guys, and it’s killing them. We don’t believe in doing that. The fundamental basis of how we built Ikänik Farms in our business historically, has been to do our best to honour the idea of the handshake deal. You show up when you say you’re going to show up, you’re committed, and you deliver consistently, because that’s how you create business, be it in a regulated or an unregulated market.”

The honouring of heritage and strong personal values extends to all facets of the Ikänik business model. Taking pride in the craft is what drives the operating team, many of whom have over 20 years of cultivation experience. The resulting product is that which relies on underlying quality as opposed to gimmicks and trickery.

“It behooves us to stay very focused on our core expertise, which is premium quality crop flower, as well as premium quality extracts and concentrates using butane extraction…we don’t use CO2,” says Baca about Ikänik’s methodology. Continuing on the ideology behind the process and the product which the company prides itself, he adds, “You can really, really enjoy the true cannabis terpenes…the way it was intended to be consumed in the first place. There’s nothing that’s filtered out and, therefore, nothing that needs to be added back in. 

“It gives you honest cannabis the way it was supposed to be from the beginning, but we’re offering flower, pens, shatter batter and butters as our core offering sample. It’s our craft offering suite, if you will.”

An attention to detail, and pride in both product and practice has aided Ikänik Farms exponentially in their accelerated growth. Brian Baca was able to touch briefly upon a strategic partnership withHalo Labsand a separate, forthcoming opportunity inColumbia, but was unable to go into too much detail before all agreements are finalized.

Regarding Ikänik’s future endeavours and Columbia, Baca did have this to say:

“I guess you could say we start with the end in mind. When we look at cannabis becoming a global emerging commoditized market in the future, we actually took a step back. As opposed to taking a traditional MSO approach – which everyone else has done, and I think it’s very overworked – we needed to really look at what the big picture is…and the big picture, if you really want to be a player, is global positioning. You can’t really compete unless you have equal footing. So, what I did is try to figure out where we needed to go into Latin America in order to produce for the future; and that was determined and finalized to be in Colombia”.

Upon completion and finalization of all pending agreements, Brian Baca and Ikänik Farms are looking to expand further into European markets and beyond, once again bringing California cannabis culture, and the mentality behind it, to an even broader marketplace.

The cannabis industry, in its current state of potential global legalization, has presented companies with the challenge of forging new paths and seizing opportunity where it presents itself. Some have utilized existing big business models to garner great success, whereas others have opted to follow more traditional and community-centric approaches to marijuana cultivation and distribution. Ikänik Farms is among the latter, and as they continue to grow and prosper, the inclusive nature of California cannabis culture will hopefully serve to inspire many to welcome the new paradigm with open minds and open arms.

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