PIDEKA SAS is an indoor, vertically integrated operation located just outside Bogota, Colombia, with licenses to cultivate pharmaceutical grade, decarboxylated flower and manufacture finished ingredient cannabis oil  for scientific and commercial sales. 


PIDEKA is committed to improving the lives of people around the world, through continued R&D and strain creation, supporting the areas of cancer, epilepsy, dementia, depression and Parkinson´s disease.




PIDEKA is the first and only licensed indoor producer, has an in vitro culture laboratory for cannabis plant material and a solvent and solvent-less extraction laboratory. We are certified in GMP and GACP by SGS International. We have our self-regulation seal based on international standards and is certified ISO 9001.


Cultivating in controlled environments enable cost effective and consistent production of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids. The controlled environment assists in mitigating risk of crop loss, cross contamination, fungus and pest commonly experienced in uncontrolled environments.

Approximate monthly production: * 24 bloom rooms * 6 vegetative * 2 mothers * 1400Lt of certified extract *